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With a mission of "Creating a world where everyone enjoys manga" since our founding in 2021, Orange has been developing various manga specialized deep learning models centered on computer vision and natural language processing with a team of the world's best machine learning engineers.
Using the above in-house deep learning model, we’ve started the “Manga Mass Localization Project” in August 2023. We will utilize this system to localize world-class manga 10 to 100 times more than ever before.
Check out the promotion video introducing how the AI works, in collaboration with the popular Twitter manga "Neko Oji: The Guy that got Reincarnated as a Cat"! (can be viewed with subtitles)



We are looking for those who can work with us to achieve our mission!

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2023/07/29 Social media account release of “Neko Oji: The Guy that got Reincarnated as a Cat”
2023/07/27 Press Release “Developer of Manga Specialized AI, Orange Raises 1.8 Million USD”